Our sales negotiator, Anna Dillon, shares with us a typical day's work in (and out of) the office.

6.30am – The alarm goes off and there is no time to snooze, it’s up and out with my two black Labradors who always have so much more energy than myself at that time of the day!

7.00am – back into the warm and dry the kettle is on and there is a quick check on the emails, and I drink my cup of green tea slowly to gain the maximum benefits! (this is what I think in my head anyway!)

8.30am – computer is started up and I begin to review my emails and also Vebra which is the database where we hold all of our property and customer details – as a housing association selling shared ownership homes we use an estate agent system and tailor it to our needs.

9.30am – By this time I have had a chance to scan over all of the emails and prioritise what should be dealt with first, I tend to answer any urgent emails from buyers/solicitors/mortgage brokers, closely followed by enquiries. I have a property due to complete today – best part of the job! – so I will send an email to the solicitors to ensure they inform me when completion has taken place has been sent out.

10.30am –I have received a call from a customer as a padlock is missing from their garden shed, so I make a call to the project manager, who then address’s this directly with the site manager, the project manager then calls to me to confirm they will be attending the property today – I then let the customer know.

12.30pm – An email has been sent through to confirm the completion has taken place and we can meet the buyer to release keys. Collecting the keys and making sure the paperwork is in order, I pack my bag and head off to the first completion, I always feel excited when going out to a completion, visiting customer’s on the day of completion is what I love about the role that I do!

2.00pm – I arrive at the property! It’s always busy on site as it is a wider new build development site helping to provide much needed homes. I pull up on the drive and head into the property and wait for the arrival of very excited customers to collect the keys to their new home.

2.15pm – Two beaming faces arrive at the door and I always say, congratulations this is now your lovely home! This always exaggerates their smiles, which in turn makes me feel really humbled that I have been able to be a part of the process of completing a ‘dream come true’ for these people.

2.20pm – We do the completion and I go through the different manuals and how the boiler works etc and we take a walk through the property one last time – I can always tell they cannot wait to get me out of the door and move their stuff in!’

2.45pm – Ensuring the customers are happy with their new home, I leave them to privately embrace and enjoy the excitement of moving into their brand new home, always a lovely feeling!

3.00pm – Then I am back in the car and on the way to a viewing at another site, again feeling enthusiastic about the people I am meeting who are possibly about to make a life changing decision and purchase a brand new home through Aster Homes!

3.15pm –I arrive at the property. I always like to arrive before the viewer’s so I can get the house ready by turning the lights on and making sure the heating is on to make it welcoming and homely. Then I await their arrival and greet them at the front door.

3.20pm – The customers arrive and I can always tell from the looks on their faces if they are seeing this property as somewhere they could be happy in.

3.35pm – After a long look around the property, raising a few questions, the customers give me the good news that they really like the property and would like to make arrangements for turning it into their home, triggering a wonderful feeling inside for me, hooray – they love it!!

4.30pm – Arriving at home or at the office, I log on and email the customers the information they need to reserve their future home. Responding to emails throughout the day that I have missed whilst travelling and getting back to any missed calls/messages my day ends on a high!

5.00pm – In the car and on the way home I reflect on my day, knowing that one customer is just embarking on their home ownership journey and another is just moving into their new home. Something they once thought was never possible, but now they can live happily and with the security of owning their own home this can lead them onto achieving great things such as starting a family.