If I’m honest, I’ve always been a keen learner. I’m that annoying person that will message Alex or Amy at 10pm on a Tuesday evening because a random question about Marketing or Shared Ownership has just popped into my head and it’ll circle my mind until I know the answer..oops!

So, here’s a little insight into how my career is going with Aster..

In March 2018, I was feeling as lost as ever with not knowing what I wanted to do career wise and I’d always had that daunting idea circling round my mind that I should know what I want to do by the time I’m 25, well.. I didn’t. So, a job advert popped up for the Aster Contact Centre, and I thought I’d give it a shot and apply.

I was so nervous to start as it was completely different to anything I had ever done before but it turned out I had absolutely no need to worry. It was full of the loveliest bunch of people I could ever have worked with and the office even had a set of snack drawers full to the brim...dreamy right? As soon as I set foot in reception on my first day with Aster, I realised there was something pretty different about it all. Everyone I met was incredibly welcoming and I instantly felt settled.

Anyway, a few months later and a job advert for a Marketing Officer popped up and after reading up how it will consist of working with social media, I was really interested. With 0 marketing experience, I was pretty adamant I wouldn’t get it and I wasn’t even too sure why I applied considering there was no hope I was going to be successful. I had to submit a two-minute video of myself, something I would usually avoid doing but I gave it a go as this was something I wanted to really try hard with, and I am so thankful that I did!

5th July 2018 came around, my 24th birthday, and Alex contacted me to say she would like to offer me the job. I remember (mainly because she doesn’t let me forget) turning around and saying ‘would you mind if I go home and think about it’ as I wasn’t sure how you acted in these situations. I wouldn’t recommend. Safe to say, first thing the following morning I practically pounced on her and told her I’d love the job. Aside from being a little petrified, I’m pretty sure I had butterflies for the next three weeks as I was so excited to start my new role in the sales and marketing team.

Two years into my marketing role and I’m now a third of my way through studying a Level 6 CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing with the Oxford College of Marketing and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve never felt so out of my depth, but I’ve also never enjoyed learning about something so much while also being able to apply it to my current role.

I was never the one at school that knew exactly what I wanted to do career wise and it’s pretty petrifying as there’s definitely a huge pressure surrounding having a career. Joining Aster was a real out of the blue thing, but I absolutely believe that it happened for a reason. Marketing has never crossed my mind before 2018 and I am forever grateful that this opportunity arose as I’ve never enjoyed a job or learning about one as much as I do this. So please, if you’re ever feeling a little lost career wise, do not panic. What is meant to be will be and when the time is right, you will find yourself exactly where you need to be. Just like I have.