Whether you are taking a picnic for your day trip, maybe a trip to the park, simply at home in the back garden or your living room (as let’s be honest, the great British summer weather, sometimes lets us down), picnics can be hard and tricky trying to think what to take and pack other than the OG sarnie. Here’s a few ideas I wanted to share & a check list of things to pack too. Hopefully it helps!

 Picnic food

  • * Pasta salads are always nice for picnics. You can get these premade or make your own.
  • * Different breads, meats and cheeses can be good pick and mix style lunch – our 10 YO is uber independent so would much prefer making her own sarnie.
  • * Chop up some carrots, peppers, cucumber, add breadsticks and then take a dip or some hummus for a fairly healthy addition. 
  • * Pastry items such as sausage rolls and pasties always go down well and again, they can be store bought or you can bake your own. 
  • * Mini sausages and scotch eggs are a firm fave in our household!
  • * Quiche – once again shop bought or home-made.
  • * Fruit salad made with your favourite fruits and a splash of orange juice.
  • * Although choc is always good, it can melt pretty quickly, so cereal bars/nut bars are a good sweet treat for after.

Picnic checklist

  • * Food!
  • * Ice blocks in cool bags
  • * Wipes for dirty fingers
  • * Covers for food and drinks.
  • * Blankets
  • * Tent or sunshade
  • * Tissues
  • * Plasters
  • * Games for the kids
  • * Sunscreen
  • * Sunglasses/sun hats
  • * Plates
  • * Knives and forks
  • * Drinks bottles/cups
  • * Prosecco? (or is that wishful thinking?!)
  • * Napkins
  • * Bag to pop all the rubbish in to take it home. So often we’ve been out and can’t find a bin, so best to be prepared right?


Make sure you plan your picnics ahead of time. Include the picnic ingredients in your regular weekly food shop and schedule a time for you to prep the foods ahead of time. Don’t rely on the morning of your picnic to do this, as that morning will likely be hectic as it is!

Do you have a favourite picnic spot? A hidden gem? Maybe some essential items you take on your picnics? Why not let us know?