Hold The Coffee…..Find a Home


I am the world's worst saver.  Pop £50 in my savings and I’ll immediately stumble across the perfect top that I simply have to have! I've decided that 2022 is the year that I finally grow up and start to put together a rainy day or even a house-buying fund.

I’m one of a growing number of people still living at home with my parents at the grand old age of 35 and I use the excuse that I can't afford to buy anywhere, which is absolute rubbish when a shared ownership deposit is usually around 5% of the share you buy and the amount you can borrow is based or your finances and affordability. For more details on shared ownership check out our website here

I'm kidding myself that I can't afford it. I just need to stop having a daily coffee from the local cafe, take-aways, buying that new top, jeans, bag, latest make up… You get the idea! 

So with my new found 'Grownup-ness' I thought I'd do a quick banking audit. I was appalled at the amount I spend on my essential none essentials...The weekly take away, glass of wine and another new lip gloss.. The list goes on... And on... And on... And on...


As I logged on to my internet banking I noticed a new (probably not new.. I'd just decided to ignore it!) section that actually worked out your weekly, monthly or yearly spend on those 'essentials'.

By simply buying one less £3 coffee a week I would save £156 a year. Imagine if I decided to just not buy the daily coffee, the saving would be just over £1000 a year!! 

One less take-away a month would add an additional £325 a year...And I have heard there are some amazing 'fake away' recipes around which is an added health bonus too! I had also taken some great tips from @GemmaR_Aster's Blog about being thrifty, check it out for yourself here.

Currently I can't face looking at the amount I spend on clothes and bags.. One step at a time right?!

But I have come to the realisation that by making these small changes, I could soon have a good deposit, healthier bank balance and finally enter the world of adulthood that I've avoided for so long.. 

Do you get that relatable feeling? Does this sound like you? I know I’m not alone in this, so if you’re like me and have always thought home ownership would NEVER be possible, or just want a healthier bank balance then join me in cutting out the spending to get saving!

 Wish me luck!!!

I would love to hear how you are getting on saving & for you to share your saving tips with me on twitter @Jodie_Aster #ThisSOThing