The pawfect move

Moving with pets can be a stressful and tricky situation, both for you and your furbabies. I know this first hand.

I moved back home with my parents in 2016, and not only was this a difficult situation for myself, but also my two mini dachshunds, Rolo and Fudge. They adapted to this relatively well as my parents had a King Charles Spaniel called Oscar. Rolo was infatuated with Oscar, and I think Oscar was pleased to have some buddies to play with.

Whilst at my parents, I spent a lot of time considering my next options regarding housing. I searched high and low on the rental market for properties that would allow dogs. Nothing in my local town, and the nearest was 14 miles away, in a town where I knew no one! I even come across adverts where it stated no dogs OR children!

I started looking into shared ownership, which usually allows pets in houses (you just need to check first). It worked out cheaper than renting and allowed me to have dogs in the property. Win-win! This is where the hard work started, I needed to save, save, save!

During the two-and-a-bit years I was at my parents, the dogs became the 3 musketeers; playing, sleeping, and following each other everywhere.

Oscar started to get poorly whilst we were there, and he was diagnosed with diabetes. The vets managed to get him in a stable condition and he coped with it well. Anyone with a diabetic dog will know how awful this is. I think my parents were quite grateful I was there, as Oscar required injections twice a day at specific times. This became hard work not only for Oscar, but to make sure someone is always about.

After a long year, Oscar’s health started to deteriorate, and he sadly passed away after an operation. It was all very quick and unexpected. You’re never ready for the heartbreak or emptiness you feel when a pet passes away. Rolo and Fudge didn’t know what had happened - one minute he was there, and the next he was gone.

Rolo struggled with this during our last few months at my parents. He became depressed, which was heart-breaking to see. I was holding onto hope that a change of home would help him.

The move went well, and we were in the day after getting the keys. I did purchase some vet recommended products to aid the move for the dogs as I didn’t want them to become distressed.

Rolo and Fudge have settled into their new home so quickly and it makes me so happy to see them running about and enjoying themselves. I can’t wait for summer, they LOVE sunbathing in the garden. Rolo has improved and has become more himself again, which is such a relief.

If I couldn’t do shared ownership, I don’t know where I would be now or how Rolo would be coping, and for that I will be forever grateful as it has changed our lives.

Chat to us today to find your new home for all the family, including furbabies!

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*Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to have pets in your shared ownership homes, especially in apartments. Please ask us for more details.

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