Bloomin’ Beautiful
We love Hydrangeas in our garden!

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Now I am no keen gardener, and I admit I have at times forgotten to water it (oops), but it has bloomed into something quite beautiful….

Hydrangeas are my personal FAVE as it is super low maintenance, can grow big (and hide any weeds!) and its very hardy (meaning it won’t die easily!)

So, for anyone not sure what to do to their garden, (can I just ask, why do plants have the weirdest unpronounceable names?? You will know what I mean if you have read a gardening mag!!) or has a hydrangea, this will explain why I love hydrangeas so much.

I am no expert or professional in gardening, nor hydrangeas, however I have managed to keep mine going from shop bought plants many years ago, so this is from experience of an inexperienced gardener.

Hydrangea facts:

- They're low maintenance

- Falls in plant group - Shrub, climber and evergreen

- Plant in autumn or spring

- Flowers May – September

- Better in partial shade, NOT full sun.

In terms of maintenance Hydrangea’s are super easy, they do like to be well hydrated, so they will be thankful for a good soaking through dry summer months. (yes, heatwave I am looking at you!) I also love that I can take clippings and put them in a vase, they look stunning in a fishbowl vase with their round blooms.

Not only do Hydrangeas have luscious balls of blooms, but they come in an array of colours such as pink, red, blue, white and you can even get them in purple tones too now. BUT you can also make them change colour with a little magic…...Or just acid soil or ericaceous compost in a pot. (magic sounded better though!!) I will explain, all hydrangeas start pink, it is then the PH levels that turn them blue or even purple. Pink = Alkaline soil, blue = Acidic soil. Or as I have recently discovered, you can turn them pink by watering them with tap water, or blue with watering them with rain water! You can also use plant colourant if you wish to.

I managed to turn my blue hydrangea pink without even knowing, so it was magical to me!

White hydrangeas will ALWAYS stay white; however, they do get pink hues when they are aging at the end of the summer. Pink and blue blooms turn green and pink. This is so pretty too!

You can enhance hydrangea’s by adding fertiliser, fish blood and bone (Be careful with animals as this can give them upset tummies!!) or hydrangea feed to the soil. Or to enhance the colours add ground limestone or chalk, however I haven’t had to do this and mine have been bloomin’ beautiful!

You don’t need to dead head a hydrangea in winter, this will protect it from the frost. You can do this in the following spring ready for it to bloom again in summer. Hydrangeas can however not flower, this can be for a few reasons, such as: the frost gets to them, over pruning, pruning at wrong time or over feeding it. I am yet to have a year without blooms!

You can also propagate the plant and start another hydrangea plant from an existing one. This is great for anyone looking to get their monies worth. Plants can be expensive, especially if you need to replant annual plants each year! (this is another subject for another day!) Don’t panic this isn’t too technical and you don’t need to be a gardening pro either!

What to do:

- First find a supple, green soft stem (without a flower on) with a bit of length on the stem from your existing hydrangea

- Cut the stem under any leafy joints

- Remove all leaves apart from the top ones

- Plant the base of the stem in a pot with compost

- And water

That’s it. Another plant at no extra cost!

There is also a new hydrangea out this year, ‘runaway bride’ it is white, low growing and has several flower heads on a stem. (sounds dreamy and would be a stunning wedding flower!) You can pick up a hydrangea plant at a gardening store, market or as I most recently discovered a car boot! (who knew!)

I would love to see your hydrangea and garden pics, here’s mine for some garden inspo……

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