Making neighbourhoods safer

We want you to be proud of the communities you live in. Our neighbourhood officers work hard to ensure that you have a pleasant, safe place to call home and if needed they are able to unlock additional funding to improve your local area. 

Amanda Hammond a neighbourhood officer in Dorset, did just that and recently made a Dorset community safer by using money available to her, to fence a communal garden. 

The garden opened onto a road and parking area where cars would often park on the grass, putting residents at risk. 

The now fenced garden has created a much safer environment for children to play in and most residents couldn’t be happier. One resident commented:

“The garden can now be used; our kids are safer and everyone in the block talks to each other in the garden."

If you’re interested in helping improve your local community why not contact us to get involved. Click here to find out more.              

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