Fire Safety

Whilst we have no specific concerns about the safety of our buildings, we are undertaking a review of our communal properties following the tragic fire in London earlier this month to ensure the on-going safety of our customers. 

Where refurbishment work is being carried out to our buildings we will seek assurance that all materials used comply with strict fire safety regulations. 

We would urge you however, to test your smoke alarms regularly and to ensure that you are fully aware of the fire safety advice and fire escape routes in your home. 

We would also like to remind you not to burn rubbish in your back garden or use any sort of flame weeder.

A recent incident involving one of these weeders resulted in several thousands of pounds worth of damage to three homes in Dorset earlier this month. 

Further information on fire safety and how to stay safe in your home can be found on our website

Additional useful advice can be found here and if you have any specific questions or feedback please contact us.                  

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