By Jessica Scull People Training Coordinator, & Seana Lamb-Hughes, Equity and Leaseholder Officer

We recently had the exciting opportunity to attend the Time for Change learning and sharing workshop in London at the Mind headquarters. 

After a very hot train journey, followed by an equally busy and hot tube ride, we arrived in Stratford to attend the workshop. 

On arrival we met other mental health champions from a wide spectrum of businesses. This gave us an opportunity to network with other attendees as well as the chance to meet some of the key speakers for the day. 

The speakers were very open about their previous and on-going mental health experiences which made them much more insightful. They had worked with their differing businesses to encourage and build the movement with varying success. This included:

Everton Football Club wore a different club type t-shirt advertising Time for Change during a televised match – they also organised an anonymous headshed were staff were able to write down messages on how their mental health was at that present time.  Everton FC recorded a mental health video which is available to watch on YouTube which included interviewing all members of staff from players to back room staff.

The Ministry of Justice have implemented a Mental Health Wellness Hub where all of their employees are able to access on all matters relating to mental health, providing them a go to website for help and advice.  They organise meditation sessions and in particular a men’s health awareness session. They have also Mental Health First Aider’s who take listening sessions with all staff in absolute confidential surroundings during lunch breaks.

Highways England found it extremely hard to build the movement within the mostly male orientated environment but the hard work has paid off and they now have monthly guest blogs, and have also implemented a new improved way of introducing colleagues who have suffered from ill mental health and had to take time away from work back into work by using a new format and being more sensitive.

We came away with more of an understanding from the key speakers, about what could be implemented here at Aster to aid our company with mental health. It also gave us an insight into mental health around the country and within differing organisations.

You may already know that we’ve joined the Time for Change pledge and have a whole load of exciting plans coming up so watch this space.