What is innovation?

Innovation is a word which is used a lot nowadays.  For us, innovation is our approach to stay relevant to our customers.  It’s also how we strive to address some of the social challenges in our communities through being creative.  The buttons below will be home to some of our ‘innovative’ projects which we are working on.  If you want to learn more or be part of any of the projects, please do get in touch. 

Housing and Health Collective

Housing, health and social care agencies have been subject to extensive and rapid change in recent years. This has resulted in a lack of collaboration and understanding of one another.

The two sectors have also faced a number of challenges over the years. Barriers to effective collaboration including the widespread lack of resources, the introduction of markets into the provision of social care for example have resulted in competition between agencies; and no clear national agenda nor co-ordination of government programmes within which local agencies could work together.

That’s why we created the Housing and Health Collective, a placed based partnership (covering South, Central, West and East) creating systematic change through joining up housing, health and communities.

Our Housing and Health Collective commitments