Enabling independence

What is it? 

Live the best life possible! We understand that being able to live independently is really important.

We offer a range of accommodation specifically for people aged 55+, and we can help with home adaptations, repairs and technology to support you with your independence.  Our ‘Connected Living’ can even help to provide affordable technology that can offer you reassurance 24/7’ and the peace of mind that help is on hand wherever and whenever it is needed. We provide security, confidence and reassurance when people need it the most.

Connected Living

Live the life you want, safe in the knowledge that help is on hand whenever you need it. Connected Living gives you and your loved ones peace of mind to help you stay safe, happy and living independently.

Expect only the very best - We are experts in what we do and have years of experience and knowledge to help you or your loved one live safe and well 

We are here for you - Our people are the best, friendly and reassuring, We are here for you whenever you need us, day or night

Choose a package and connection combination that's right for you

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Connected Living

    Do you want to downsize?

    If you wish to downsize or and move to an independent living scheme you will need to be registered with your Local Authority for a transfer.

        • To be eligible you rent account should be up to date and the condition of your existing property should be good.
        • All outstanding repairs should be reported.
        • The property you move into must meet your immediate needs (For example: if you are living on your own and are unable to manage a bath, your need would be for a one-bedroom home with a level access shower).
        • Any move must be funded at your own expense however, some help may be available. Depending on your individual circumstances you may be eligible for further assistance and financial help.

    If you have done all of the above, you will then be visited by your Neighbourhood Officer to discuss your need and the areas you wish to move to.