About Us

The Aster Foundation is the work we choose to do over and above our duties as a landlord and developer.

Our purpose is to invest in activities which enable local people in our communities to improve their own lives and we have four objectives which enable us to do this:

  • Empowering customers to sustain their tenancies and improve life chances
  • Enabling independence
  • Creating a lasting legacy through our thriving communities
  • Sustaining the workforce of the future

Foundation timeline

The Aster Foundation was created in response to government policy changes in 2016. The 1% rent reduction meant that like others in the sector we had to review our expenditure and look at how we could continue to provide safety and security through our reliable landlord services and supply a wide range of housing options in response to the housing crisis. This meant we had to scale back our community support offer and put plans in place to secure our future as the financially strong, viable and thriving organisation you see today.

We are a business with a social purpose, and we are committed to supporting our local communities and the people living in them, by aligning what we do to things that we know will have a positive impact.

Throughout 2017/18 our focus was working towards our vision of ‘everyone has a home’ through maintaining our current homes and building new ones. We also started to explore how we could leave a lasting legacy in our communities and create social value with our work. We worked with our customers, colleagues and partners to understand what was important to them and how we were best placed to make real and lasting change.

In early 2019 our new Aster Foundation strategy was introduced. Our strategy underpins everything we do.With new funding and through partnership working with local support agencies, we will deliver further financial and digital inclusion training and provide our customers that need it, the tools they need to develop their skills and find employment.

A brighter future

We will back projects that ensure our communities are places people are proud to call home. And it will continue to evolve, responding to the changing needs of our customers and communities.

Whether it’s through building more new homes, maintaining the thousands of homes we own, providing good services to our customers or making a commitment to giving back, we aim to carefully balance a commercial approach with our social heart.

We look forward to updating you on the rest of our legacy as we work to create it.