Case study

Communications team review

The Communications team worked through a Lean review during 2015 to drive efficiencies across its activities.

The desired outcomes were:

  • A clear sense of how the team was supporting the delivery of the Corporate Strategy and Plan
  • Clear and improved processes
  • An efficient and streamlined team structure
  • Greater use of technology
  • A reduction in waste
  • Greater flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. 

The approach

The team was fully engaged in the review, working through a number of Lean Foundation tools, including ‘day in the life’ style interviews and A:B analysis interviews, designed to align priorities. Finally we mapped key processes to establish value and waste steps, right first time rates, and to identify improvements.

Making it real

There were a number of recommendations to enable a new operating culture. They included developing a new team structure with new roles designed to support the future direction of the business, reviewing all systems to take advantage of new digital tools, and setting up performance measures across the team to understand demand, outputs and outcomes.

The result

A new structure was embedded during the summer of 2015, with responsibilities matched to a new communications strategy. Each member of the team was clear on their role, what the expected outcomes were and how activities would be measured to ensure the team would continue to support our wider business objectives.

Since embedding the new structure and ways of working customer communications have been transformed - taking advantage of technology, all activities are aligned to the Corporate Plan, clear reporting lines have reduced waste and the communications budget has been reduced by 20 percent.

Case study

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