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Connected Living - Confidence. Our wrist worn fall detector offers peace of mind to stay independent.

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Connected Living - Confidence Is a wrist worn device that in the event of a fall will alert the monitoring centre, who will raise the alarm for help.

Connected Living - Confidence is multi-purpose and consists of three items:

  • At Home alarm unit with pendant
  • Monitored fall detector*
  • Monitored occupancy sensor for beds or chairs

Have the confidence to stay active and happy in your own home.

Day or night, the fall detector can identify falls in the home and raise an alarm. Our bed and chair sensor can be programmed to monitor movement and alert our monitoring centre when a concern is detected.

* Due to the wide variety and type of falls, not all may be detected.

Sleep tight day and night

How much does it cost?

£26.00** per month

You connect £30.00** (postal and registration)

Aster connect £60.00** (installation and registration)

**all price are subject to VAT, you’re likely to be exempt from VAT if you have a long-term illness or are disabled.

Accredited and audited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll qualify if you have a disability or a long term illness.

The alarm plugs into your phone line and electricity supply. You can then call for help by pressing your wearable pendant or the button on the alarm unit.

The call handler will know something has happened and call your contacts or the emergency services.

We’ll install urgent alarms within two working days and the rest in five working days.

Yes, all of our technicians carry ID badges and are trusted assessor trained.

You don’t need to have contacts. In an emergency the call handler will call the emergency response service.

We can supply a GSM solution which will work off a sim card, call and ask us about it.

You will need to have a working phone line (or our GSM Solution) and an electricity supply near by.